Version 1 of the game is outdated, and kept only for historical reasons.

The International Mornington Crescent Society no longer supports these rules, and no further patchs, alteractions or official equires will be accepted regarding them.

Furthormore, after the near fatal '98 incident between teams lead Alex Petroff Esq and John Smithson, none of the rules will be acknoledge or refered in an officialy ranked games*.

By clicking the link below, you accept these terms and conditions;

YES! TAKE ME TO VER 1 RULES - I promise I am interested in their historical value only!

NO TAKE ME BACK - I only want to see officialy supported rules by the IMCS or LMCP.

*Eccept, of course, if its one of the 3 core historical rules which have remained with the game since the early 18th century.