Welcome at the one and only LBA-Swede
The Swede is a zero-budget fan film based on the story of "Little Big Adventure".

We're bringing you an easy way to download the Swede + the commentarytrack and the making-of.

The Swede and other videofiles are in MKV format, supported by videoplayers such as VLC and DivX Player.

We hope you'll have fun!

Watch Online:

BlipTV 720p Flash stream

BlipTV 720p Making Of

You Tube Stream (in two parts)

Daily Motion Stream

Download methods:
Torrent, includes everything (please seed!) Ive added a dropbox link now too;

All 4 files:
Main Extended Swede
Making Of documentary
Random outtakes

You need Divx to play back the files in media player.
Or, Id recomend using VideoLan as your video player instead. ( www.videolan.org )

If you wish to comment on the swede, please use this thread in the MBN forum; http://forum.magicball.net/showthread.php?t=15295

or comment below;
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