Mornington Creasent is, of course, one of the most well known and loved games in Britain. Played by everyone from her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth right down to Miss's Trelise from North Wales.

There are many sites on the internet dedicated to this game, this one is dedicated to introduceing and showing new comers how to play.


Jubilee Line Modification


A-Z List.


Mornington Crescent Beginers Guide Version 1

Advanced Mornington Crescent

Mornington Creasent 3.5

NEW: Mornington Crescent 4

Mornington Crescent Ruleset Archieve.

NF Stovold’s Mornington Crescent: Rules and Origins. (Out of print, THIS is an alternative)


Die Ruleset (in German) (also in doc format)

La Basic Ruleset (in French) (also in doc format)

Basic Ruleset (in Welsh) (also in doc format)

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